The Chief Executive of Exoexcellence tweeted on the importance of the threat to the planet which is Soil Erosion and explains Soil Erosion.


A Major Threat!

A major threat to our planet is soil erosion. It damages soil health and productivity by damaging the highly fertile topsoil and giving exposure to the remaining soil. Soil erosion decreases agricultural productivity. Soil erosion is the significant threat to our world’s soils. It occurs naturally under all climatic conditions and on all continents but it is boomed, up to one thousand times, by environmentally unfriendly human activities. Soil erosion damages ecosystem processes, multiplies hydro-geological risk for example landslide and floods. By replacing organic carbon, soil erosion minimizes the soil’s capability to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Estimations for 2050

By 2050, soil erosion could lead to a ten percent loss in crop production. If nothing is done, by 2050 the estimated crop yield losses would equal removing 1.5 million sq/km of land from crop production (which is estimated as if all India gets barren).

Human activities Accelerating Soil Erosion

Human-driven erosion is mainly caused by illegal deforestation and the excavation of vegetative cover, down-slope tillage, overgrazing, (illegal) deforestation, land leveling, and improper land-use changes.

Soil Protects Bio-diversity

Our soils servers as home to quarter of our planet’s biodiversity; by taking off the most fertile layer of soil, erosion results soil biodiversity damage as well. Soil particles replaced by wind and water can result in off-site soil and water pollution, which has damaging impact on our health. In the most severe situations soil erosion can result displacement of human population as well.

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