Almost in all management system standards, ISO technical committees added a terminology (requirement for Leadership) i.e. management system should be integrated with business functions. The management system shouldn’t be operated as stand-alone system running in parallel to main system with two or three hired personals looking after it, who are sole responsible for that and they don’t have any say in the mainstream processes. It is then often considered as a burden by business owners.

Instead management systems are meant for businesses, to improve the mainstream processes and not meant to be audited and certified only. With this conventional idea the effectiveness of management system remain only for auditing purpose, where as the mainstream business is operating in parallel.

The idea of mere certification has sometimes ruined the purpose of true implementation.

Companies can move towards the implementation of these management systems even if they are not looking for certification based on external audits. If they need to have some improvements from the implementation and from the standards. Initially; I will recommend to have the standard implemented first to examine the improvements. Later move for certification as well. We recommend our clients and follower base to have the true implementation first then certification itself does not matter much.

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